The Uniqueness of the Florida Keys

There is nowhere else in the United States that is exactly like the Florida Keys. Many states offer oceanfront property, but the Keys are a unique opportunity. Anyone that is ready to buy real estate or rent a vacation home in Florida should learn more about this area.

Deep in the South

Key West is the furthest south people can travel in the continental United States and is closer to Cuba that it is to Miami. The city is the former home of Ernest Hemingway and his house is still a popular tourist site. Key West was also once a busy stop in trade routes between the southern United States and the Bahamas and Cuba.

Unique Travel Methods

The Keys stretch out over 180 miles and consist of 800 keys.The islands connect to each other and the rest of the state by bridges. There are 42 bridges in total, but not all the keys have bridge access. Access to the Outer Keys is by boat only.

Favorable Tropical Climate

Part of the appeal of florida keys real estate is the tropical climate. This area is the only place in Florida that does not receive any frost. The hot and humid weather common in Florida extends into October in this part of the state.

Fun Travel Destination

People with luxury rentals in the florida keys will have plenty to keep them busy. Visitors have endless beaches to enjoy as well as a variety of state parks to visit. Some of the best bars and restaurants in Florida are in this location. An endless array of outside activities exists including boating, snorkeling, swimming and much more.

Comfortable Community Atmosphere

The Keys are known as one of the most welcoming places in the country. The residents of the Florida Keys happily welcome tourists and immediately include new residents as a part of the community. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the quiet, laid-back lifestyle of the current residents.

Many places in the country are great to visit and others offer a lot of benefits for those that live there. The Florida Keys is a rare example of somewhere that is as enjoyable to visit as it is to call the place home. The investment in real estate in this area is always worthwhile and those that visit always want to come back.


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